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A Certain Look Which Speaks to Elegance

Elegance is the key to hosting dinner

There's something about a dinner party which can both inspire and intimidate. There's few things better than being invited to a great dinner party. Feeling the amazing ambiance and knowing that people went all out for your enjoyment is wonderful. And of course there's the actual food itself. But there's one larger issue which many people have trouble with. That's the simple fact of what's expected in return. If one's invited to a dinner party by close friends or family than it's somewhat expected that one reciprocate the offer somewhere down the line. Sadly, this can feel rather easier said than done. One of the biggest reasons is that much of entertaining at a dinner party comes down to subjective expectations and unconscious cues. People often aren't consciously aware of what's really making an evening special to them. There's usually a general assumption that most has to do with the food and a bit with the company. But in reality there's a whole host of things which all converge to make the party special. And one of the particular items that has the biggest effect is usually only noticed in a somewhat utilitarian fashion. Or at least that's how it goes consciously. The unconscious and how it processes elegance can be a different story.

Silverware harnesses unconscious appreciation

The real trick comes down to framing. When people hang a portrait, great care is usually given to the frame. There's good reason for it too. The frame presents the picture to the world and offers hints on how to appreciate it. The same goes for a dinner party. When one decides to throw one there's a need to frame the meal. This is where silverware comes in. By using especially attractive pieces such as aava cutlery sets, one can create a dining experience that people will appreciate on multiple levels. And most importantly the silverware will insist on the idea of elegance. This will unconsciously prime guests to assume that role and stance as well.